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Winter Sports

A winter sport or winter activity is a recreational activity or sport which is played during cold weather months. Most such sports are variations of skiing, ice skating and sledding. Traditionally such sports were only played in cold areas during winter, but artificial snow and artificial ice allow more flexibility. Artificial ice can be used to provide ice rinks for ice skating, ice hockey and bandy in a milder climate.

Ice skating: Figure skating , Short-track speed skating, Speed skating. Skiing: Acroski, Alpine skiing, Biathlon, Cross-country skiing, Freestyle skiing, Kite skiing, Mogul skiing, Monoskiing, Newschool skiing, Nordic combined, Ski archery, Skiboarding, Skibob, Skijoring, Ski jumping, Snowkiting, Speed skiing, Speed riding, Telemark skiing, Winter pentathlon. Sledding: Bobsled, Dogsled racing, Ice blocking, Luge, Skeleton, Wok racing. Snowboarding: Alpine snowboarding, Boardercross, Slalom, Snowskating, Slopestyle. Snowmobiling: Free style, Snocross, Recreation, Cross-country, Hill climbing. Team sports: Bandy, Broomball, Curling, Ice hockey, Ice stock sport, Military patrol, Ringette, Rink bandy, Snow rugby, Snow snake, Synchronized skating, Yukigassen (competitive snowball fight). Other Sports: Ice Climbing, Ice speedway, Snowbiking, Ice canoeing, Fat Tire Biking, Snow Drifting, Cross country running. Recreational sports: Building snowmen, Building snow fortresses or digging snow caves, Ice boating or sailing, Ice fishing, Ice swimming, Shinny, Snowball fight, Tobogganing, Snowshoeing. Notable winter sporting events: Winter Olympic Games, Nordic Games, World Cup, Arctic Winter Games, Asian Winter Games, Winter Paralympic Games, Winter Universiade, Winter Dew Tour, Winter X Games, Winter X Games Europe, Winter Carnival...    (Wikipedia)



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