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Water Sports

In the water: Swimming, Pool Swimming, Open water Swimming, Diving, Diving off Springboards, Diving off Platforms, Modern pentathlon, Rescue swimming, Snorkeling, Synchronized diving, Synchronized swimming, Triathlon, Water aerobics, Water polo, Aquajogging. On the water: Barefoot skiing, Boating, Boat racing, Bodyboarding, Cable skiing, Canoeing, Canoe polo, Dragon Boat Racing, Fishing (see Fishing Collection), Flyboard, Flowrider, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Kiteboating, Kitesurfing, Kneeboarding, Paddleboarding, Parasailing, Picigin, Rafting, Rowing, Sailing, Sit-down hydrofoiling, Skimboarding, Skurfing, Stand up paddle surfing, Surfing downhill on ocean waves, Surfing downhill on artificial waves, Wakeboarding, Wakeskating, Wakesurfing, Waterskiing, White water rafting, Windsurfing, Yachting, Yacht racing. Under water: Recreational diving: Cave diving, Deep diving, Free-diving, Ice diving, Spearfishing, Underwater archaeology, Wreck diving, Underwater photography, Underwater videography. Underwater sports: Aquathlon (underwater wrestling), Finswimming, Free-diving, Sport diving (sport), Spearfishing, Underwater football, Underwater hockey, Underwater ice hockey, Underwater orienteering, Underwater photography (sport), Underwater rugby, Underwater target shooting...     (Wikipedia)



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