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Obstacle Races

The military/Army obstacle course is used (mostly in recruit training) as a way to familiarize recruits with the kind of tactical movement they will use in combat, as well as for physical training, building teamwork, and evaluating problem solving skills. Typical courses involve obstacles the participants must climb over, crawl under, balance, hang, jump, etc. Puddles of muddy water, ropes/nets, and "no touch" restrictions are often used to make the course more difficult... Military courses can also contain climbing walls and rappelling walls.    (Wikipedia)

Some famous Obstacle Courses:
Hurdling‎, Amelia Boone, Braveheartbattle, Hobie Call, Ironman Triathlon, Rugged Maniac, Spartan race, Tough Mudder, Warped wall, Warrior Dash, The Superstars, Battle of the Network Stars, Gladiators, The Peruvian children's series Nubeluz, Viking, Show jumping, Nickelodeon's Double Dare bonus round, Sasuke (otherwise known as Ninja Warrior), On an episode of Total Drama Island, The Nickelodeon TV show GUTS, The Disney Channel Games or Disney's Friends for Change Games, The game shows Wipeout on ABC and Total Wipeout on BBC One, The Physical Ability round in The Krypton Factor, The Canadian show Splatalot , Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge...     (Wikipedia)



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